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How many books are you trying to read this year?

As a writer, I feel it’s important to read constantly, but as a writer with very limited time, it’s hard to give up those precious moments of free time to reading. However, I’m making an effort this year to read more – read more popular books, read more books by friends that deserve more recognition, read outside my typical genres, and read books set in other countries that celebrate other cultures and show parts of the world that I’ve never experienced.

My reading goal is pretty hefty (at least for me) at a book per week. I know some of you surpass this number easily, but as a single mom trying to pursue a career in writing, that’s a pretty big number! We’ll see what happens, but I know I can do it with the right focus.

Whatever your goals are, I hope wonderful books find their way into your lives. Happy Wednesday and happy reading!

If you’re looking to heat up your winter with an adult (18+) romance, check out my series, The Pell Playhouse, available in paperback and FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

Now Available: The Problem with Pell

My name is Olivia Cook, and I’m dating the proprietor of sexual deviancy amongst the wealthy.

Months into their relationship, Olivia couldn’t be happier. Jack spoils her, teases her, and pleases her while discreetly balancing his work at the Playhouse. But when a Playhouse party becomes a little untamed, Olivia starts to wonder whether she’s enough for the carnal desires of Mr. Jackson Pell.

When Jackson’s past catches up to him, he leaves Olivia wondering where they stand as he tries to regain control of a situation that brings threats of imminent danger to those he cares about. Struggling with confessing more secrets of his past, Jackson seeks to find a way to reconcile with Olivia – without putting her in harm’s way.

But darkness from the past is hiding in the shadows on both sides. Will the world tear them apart? Or will it bring them closer to an unbreakable bond as they face their pasts head on?

Paperback $12.99
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Who The Hell Is Jackson Pell by VICKI SWEETS

Vicki Sweets has created a chemistry-and-lust fueled, romantic debut novel that hits your bookshelf with a splash. Following the story of Olivia, a woman in her twenties who is plagued by snobbish relatives and an ex who feels entitled to their previously ended relationship, the reader plunges hands-first into a physically-driven romance with an irresistible stranger – a man who happens to have a very curious lifestyle. As Olivia realizes there may be even more to Jackson Pell than meets the eye, she becomes curious of his big secret that everyone else seems to know. While she’s not sure what it is that may stand between them, she still allows herself to enjoy the other large aspects of Mr. Pell. With endless humor, an intensely growing lust, and loaded love scenes, Who The Hell Is Jackson Pell is impossible to put down.


Though inspired to write by many passionate love stories – real and fictional – Vicki Sweets imagined the idea of Who The Hell Is Jackson Pell while working on a project in the fantasy genre. As she worked to build the electric tension between her characters, she kept leaning toward scenes of romantic gestures and passion, so, in an attempt to clear her mind, she wrote a romance scene – and had so much fun! After finding support from several other authors in the romance community, she began a venture that she never expected: writing a romance-based, adult novel. While certain chapters had her blushing to share, she received so much positive feedback that she decided she had to publish her story.


Adult readers (18+) are already falling in love with Olivia and Mr. Pell, and the continuation of the story has been highly demanded. Finding a connection to Olivia’s wit, humor, and appreciation for junk-food, romance readers have called it “hilarious” and a book they “couldn’t put down.” If you’re looking for something relatable, steamy, and satisfying that embraces the fast-paced dating that occurs so often in today’s world – this is it!


Once you’ve fallen head over heels for this sensual duo, readers can expect at least two more novels in The Pell Playhouse series. To read the first book, Who The Hell Is Jackson Pell, you can find it on Amazon. The paperback edition sits at the low price of $8.99, and the eBook is FREE for Kindle Unlimited subscribers (or $2.99).

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Other upcoming projects by Vicki Sweets include a romantic fiction novel and a holiday-themed adult romance. Later projects will include supernatural romance, apocalyptic romance, and horror. As a diverse reader, Vicki Sweets aspires to be a diverse writer as well – and this fun, little romance is only the beginning!


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Vicki Sweets resides in central Texas with her son. Splitting her time between motherhood and writing, she also enjoys supporting the visual and performance arts and small businesses – as well as other new and upcoming authors!


Have you ever published with Amazon? Then you might know what an accomplishment it is to get that paperback just right.

I’ve always preferred paperbacks to eBooks (though I love supporting eBook authors – there’s some fabulous works out there!), so I wanted to make sure my readers could access the book in multiple forms.

Whether you’re an eBook fan or want a tangible copy so you can enjoy flipping the pages, you can find what you’re looking for on Amazon today!

Who The Hell Is Jackson Pell follows Olivia as she dips into a very physical relationship with the irresistible Mr. Pell. What is his big secret? Enjoy this “late night” read to find out!

…a “one handed read.”

There are a few unexpected developments and I found them a welcome departure from typical erotica.

Maura, Amazon Review

I couldn’t put the book down! I love books that can make me laugh!

Candice, TikTok Review


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A Week After Publishing My First Novella

It’s so exciting to receive such positive feedback on my first published work! I can’t wait to release the second book of the series!

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NEW Erotica Novella: AVAILABLE NOW!

Her sexual desires awakened, Olivia plunges hands first into a physical relationship with a handsome, wealthy stranger. With a life of gossips and fiends, will Olivia have a date for her sister’s upcoming wedding? Or will Jack’s lust-fueled lifestyle reveal a surprise that’s too much to handle?

“Olivia is like a best friend who’s decided to finally let her freak-flag fly!”

“Such detailed scenes, I’ll be asking my boyfriend to help replicate this.”

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NOW AVAILABLE! Who The Hell Is Jackson Pell: The Pell Playhouse #1

The first novella of The Pell Playhouse series is now available on Amazon!

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New Erotic Novella Coming Your Way!

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Feeling a little lonely this holiday season? Wanting some more spice in your life! Well no fear! We’re in the final countdown until the release of Who The Hell Is Jackson Pell, a new, steamy novella by Vicki Sweets!

Heading straight for Amazon for your convenience, this erotic story will give you something to think about on those cold wintery nights – and something to enjoy whether you’re alone or snuggled up with a hunky lover.

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